The best music whenever and wherever you want it.

The best music whenever and wherever you want it.

Simple and classified search.

Search for any artist, album or song to get one of the most complete and highly ranked results that such an app can offer.

Thanks to its structure we offer you the results by categories so you can find faster what you are looking for.

Create "Your music" and synchronize it.

Create your own playlists, save your artists, songs and albums to favorites and create your own personalized library.

Once you have created your music library, synchronize it and do not depend on the Internet to listen to it.

Check "Discover" and "Explore".

When you are tired of listening to the same old music, venture out and discover, through music genres or randomly, thousands of bands waiting for you to hear all their songs.

Top songs.

Enter into our "Top Songs" and find out which songs are the most listened to by MusicAll users.

Video reviews.

You can consult any of the various videos that circulate on the Internet about MusicAll. In them you can see everything that this application offers you and also how to configure it properly. We leave you the following example:

List of MusicAll releases

We offer you a complete list of the latest versions of MusicAll so that you can download the one that best suits your needs.



  • Arreglados la sincronización y los saltos entre canciones


  • Mejorado el algoritmo de búsqueda de canciones
  • Reducida la cantidad de anuncios al abrir la aplicación
  • Mejorado el modo noche de la aplicación


  • Arreglados los crasheos ocasionados al presionar los botones de los cascos en Android 12


  • Arreglado el apartado 'Descubrir'
  • Añadidos nuevos idiomas a la aplicación (Francés, Alemán e Italiano)
  • Arreglada la descarga de las canciones de la pantalla principal



If you have any doubts about how to install MusicAll do not hesitate to follow our tutorial.


In case you still had any doubts about MusicAll, we present a series of screenshots of our wonderful app. In them you can see its style and some of its various features.

What people say about MusicAll.

  • Cuatro jovenes leoneses desarrollan "MusicAll", una aplicación que utiliza la base de datos de YouTube y puede sincronizar las listas de reproducción con el móvil para que suenen sin conexión.

    M.Á. Rodríguez (Periódico "El Mundo")
  • APP para escuchar música creada por 4 leoneses en el top descargas En tan solo 2 meses Musicall se encuentra en el top de aplicaciones nuevas en Google Play

    @minipunk (
  • Cuatro jóvenes leoneses desarrollan una aplicación que permite escuchar música de forma totalmente gratuita, ilimitada y sin necesidad de internet

    Adrián del Campo (

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